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Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Mini splits are becoming more common in the HVAC industry. These systems are great for small spaces or additions to the home since they enable you to control the temperature of that individual space.

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Is Your Home Allergen Free?

Did you know that nearly 72 trillion particles enter the average home everyday and remain in the air? Most homes generate around 40 pounds of dust every year for every 1500 square feet of space.

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Benefits of a Humidifier

A humidifier helps to moisten the air, reducing the level of dry air in your home. When moisture is added it helps to keep skin healthy and moisturized naturally.

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Why A Smart Thermostat?

You don’t want to walk in from a busy day and realize that your HVAC system has not been running properly and your house is either too cold or too hot. This is when the NEXIA thermostat can be of help.

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Lower Your Power Bill

Our “Energy Maintenance Agreement” allows us to find minor deficiency problems before they become a bigger and more costly issue. Our technicians come out twice a year maintenance checkup.

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“We have been contracting with Price Services HVAC since 2006.  Our experience with them has always been very positive.  Brian Price and his entire team are very knowledgeable, professional and always provide prompt service and the highest quality of work.  We will continue to make them our first choice for our heating and air conditioning projects.

— Piedmont Construction

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